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On Women’s Day

Posted by nishitdesai on March 9, 2004

One Day God created the earth and then took the rest, After a while He created man , but He felt incompleteness and finally He created woman…. may be a story, but how fact it is!!!! World is certainly incomplete without women. On this auspicious day I would like to pay tribute to all women in the world.

Yes, I would call it an auspicious day, because it’s celebration of importance,power and completeness of women. Every role a woman plays is vital in the world. Ranging from Mother, Sister…. to wife, a woman is someone who can fill you with frangrance of love.It’s said that “When God couldn’t reach to everyone, He created mother”. How true! Isn’t it? Recalling my childhood, I would say that my mother is the best, and I am sure, everyone reading this will say the same about her mom. When we say “my mom is the best”, we don’t ignore others’ , but this is the place she has captured in our heart that can’t be filled by anyone else on this earth. My every single incident in the day I would tell to my mom. Wether it may be funny or idiot or anything, she would hear it patiently and appreciate me If I had been right, Preach me If I had been wrong, kiss me If I had loved her. In every form she would accept me, because she’s my mom.

I don’t have sister as such, but there wasn’t any “Rakshabandhan” where my hand was empty without Rakhi. My sister in my neighbourhood would always come smiling on this day and would tie me Rakhi. In early days, for me it was just a formality that had to be completed on a day, but now it’s love that I would cherish for lifetime. In first year, when I came to college far from my home, I thought I wouldn’t get a Rakhi, but God is great, He bestowed me with my chat-friend-cum-sister who sent me Rakhi on that day. After losing one of my sister, I understand what a sister is. A relation that will always strengthen you, always support you and will always understand you.

I used to thought a wife is called “Ardhangini”(Half part of the body) of the Husband, but there is no such word for husband. Why???? Because I think, whatever role a woman may be playing, she is always fully engrossed in it. She merges herself into his Husband, otherwise tell me how many of men would agree to change his name after being married. A name you are carrying since your birth , A name by the whole world knows you. Is it so easy to change it? At least not for me. But a woman easily does so, because she is a woman. After marriage she herself merges herself in the family then what’s the question of a mere name!!!! There is a famous idiom in Gujarati, “If a boy is good, he will make one family(his own) proud, but if a girl is good, he will make two families(her own and her husband’s) proud.” Very true…

On this day, I would like to salute all women in the world. Women, who are base of this world. A strong base, which can’t be seen from the top, but building wouldn’t exist without it. That’s the role women play in this world. Everyone reading this mail has a reason to smile because she is a woman. I would thank Pond’s for making me aware of this day some years back. I would like to end this mail by the words of Pond’s itself :




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