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mtech2003 sports meet

Posted by nishitdesai on July 17, 2004

Last days life had been boring. Lab to room and room to lab .. just monotonic life, but today indeed it was different… you know, we had intraclass sports meet. today for whole day we kept playing and playing… ok let me tell you in detail… actually day before yesterday 3-4 of us were sitting in great Hall-7 canteen doing timepass and thought of having some sports kind of thing to get rid of monotonous life. and we decided to go for it…and we arranged three events Football, Table Tennis and Cricket (Night Cricket)

But the before event would start we had lot work to do. we thought it would be good idea to include class girls also for the event, but somehow they were reluctant for the same. so I and Madhav went there as representetives of Hall-7 (boys) and after fighting (not physical ofc πŸ™‚ ),shouting, negotiations they agreed to play mixed doubles (TT) and cricket.

Football was arranged in 0600 hrs in the morning and to our surprise most of us came by 0615 hrs, because many of them were late-awakers. so the match started and till the end inspite of my wonderful efforts (thank you thank you πŸ™‚ ) and scoring one miraculous goal we lost match by 3-1 😦 never mind such is life… then at 1100 hrs we started playing TT.. not good luck in that either… see I participated in three events in TT. first I played was “singles”, in which I could clear first round, but not second… second, I played doubles. In that I defeated one of the best player of our class.. how? because he was partner of mine..LOL… I played too bad and we couldn’t clear even first round (that guy went upto semifinals in singles and also scored two back-to-back goals in football and that’s why we lost by 3-1 :(( ) and then came mixed doubles… If I had put as much efforts as we put in convinving them for playing then I would have won, but there also I got out in first round.. then we played Night cricket (night phatta as we call it) We faced some problems in location etc. for the cricket but eventually we could play it. Although I made contribution of 1 run (out of total 20) and doing a very high catch… alas!!! result was the same. our team LOST…that marked the end of the day… so that was all about today’s tiring but very enjoying day.


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