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Holi ke din…

Posted by nishitdesai on March 27, 2005

It was Saturday. March 26th, 2005. 11-50 A.M. Nishit Desai was sitting in front of computer doing nothing but absolute timepass. He was somehow very enthusiastic about Holi (Dhuleti) this year, but it seemed no one else was. Except his neighbour came in the morning and painted some gulal on his face, holi otherwise had been dull for him. Peeps out of window, some holi enthusiasts are out-of-control by now. Playing holi with mudd and everything that comes in their way. A big sigh!!!! “I wish I could play like that. Hmm…!!! Should do something”, he thinks. Logs in to messenger, pings some people around…

madhavpandya : no reply , must be sleeping after a big nightout…

rupmehta1 (a.k.a rupeshkaka) : “got some work to do…”, yaa people busy in publishing papers…

vipin_deep : no reply, seemed enthu the other day, no whereabouts today… damn it…

India-Pakistan test going on, but he seems out of it. Sitting ready in “holi-wear”, but no one is interested. “Oh! It’s 12-55 and mess was supposed to serve lunch till 1-15 only and I am yet to take bath. I should rush now..!!!” Moves to wake up Madhav after getting ready, in case he is still sleeping. Room is open, no signs of Madhav, where is he??? … and there he is… face painted with gamut of colors, barely identifiable… and soon, he sees a bunch of people following him, and they too see him. Eyes go wide. Ek aur… muhahaha… without any color on face… muhahaha… They rush to him. They won’t listen, nor he wanted them to. And in few seconds he was just one of them. And “gheraiyas” continued their quest for more-and-more victims. Some of their willingly “sacrificed” themselves. Others viz Somu, RahulBan had to be pulled out of their hideouts. Junta won’t listen till anyone is not colored.

Narcissist himself...!!!This was not enough… More was yet to come. “Let’s move to A-block lawn and play some real holi.”, suggests Nishit and crowd starts moving. We are here, now what? hmmm.. pipe must be located and there it is. Muhahaha.. now starts real Holi. water splashing all around… and mudd was all around. “Let’s play Kabbadi”, someone says and everyone is into it.

Under the captaincy of Rohan Shetty and Gopalraj, teams started playing. People coming in, coming out, getting caught, catching opponents. Points?? Winner?? one word… WHO CARES??!!! They were there for enjoyment and that’s what they were doing. Enjoyment continued till all of them were not out of their minds (albeit, Madhav Pandya ran away for some obscure reasons 😉 )… people were going crazy.

Gheraiyas Who says you need ‘bhang’ or liquor to have ‘nasha’ 🙂


2 Responses to “Holi ke din…”

  1. sahi hai nishit seth. as usual, ek to aap ka single photo hoga with “that look” ;). badhiya holi rahi tumhari. enjoy dude!!

  2. Sujata said

    Hey Nishit..nice description about ur holi celebration.


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