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Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram…

Posted by nishitdesai on April 19, 2005

Yesterday’s Ram Navami would have gone without any celebrations, but Thanks to Archna ma’am it didn’t happen that way.

Yesterday being Ram Navami, we didn’t go ahead with Bhagwad Gita, Chaper 14 instead we heard Vibhishana Gita (Lanka Kand, Ram Charit Manas, interested people can download it from here. (after Doha 79, Page 15 )). This is the scene where finally Ravana comes to battlefield. Seeing his Mayavi Chariot and his powerful aura, Vibhishana gets anxious and out of love and with respect he asks Shri Rama, “Oh Lord! you don’t have chariot, nor you’ve armour, nothing to wear in feet. How will you fight against mighty Ravana?”. Shri Rama replies, “The Chariot by which you can win, is not this one.”. Then he starts describing what true Vijay Ratha would be made of.

Words were simple yet elegant. I may not have felt it so great if I would’ve read it, but it was whole environment that madam created over there that made me realise the importance of those words, so if you don’t find it so interesting I recommend you to read it again. There was no deep philosophy, just simple words, but if you contemplate on each you would realize how enlightening they are. For me, it came to me when I needed it most. Yes, I needed too much of it. After the class, I was in the state of pure joy. So free, so jovial… could sense the beauty of Ram Charit Manas. I only pray to God that please provide me energy to remain in this state.

Siyavar Ramchandra ki jai…
Pavansut Hanuman ki jai…
Sab santan ki jai…

PS:- If anyone can find out English Translation of these dohas please let me know so that I can put them here.


2 Responses to “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram…”

  1. Good to know that you were deep in peace and serenity. Indeed, Ram Charit Manas offers pure joy and intense Bhakti. The way Shri Tulsidasji have explained deep knowledge in simple terms, we come to know that at the highest point, Bhakti attains knowledge and knowledge attains Bhakti.

    One good incident from it…

    Shri Ram and Ravan were in battle field. Shri Ram hit many arrows on Ravan and behaded him for number of times. Still Ravan was not killed. Then, Vibhishanaji told shri Ram that pierce his heart. It is there his jiva is. Shri Ram said: “No , I can’t. Because in Ravan’s heart , Sitaji resides. In Sitaji’s heart , I reside. And in my heart, all three worlds reside. So if I hit him at his heart, all 3 worlds would diminish.”

    “Then what is the solution ?” Vibhishanji asked.

    “Ravan does not have enlightened love for Sitaji. It is originated from Moha. So, it will not last forever. In the battle field, amidst fear , he would eventually no longer keep Sitaji into his heart. At that moment, I will kill him.”

    And shortly that moment came. Shri Ram then killed Ravan.

    The plan superior was accomplished.

    I recommend all to read Ramcharit Manas. “Those who believe that Ramayan is devoid of any “rasa” do not know what actually “rasa” is.”

    Jay Shri Ram

    ~ Uday ~

  2. Jai Shree Ram.

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