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Rain, Rain, Come Again…

Posted by nishitdesai on July 1, 2005

Last week has been fabulous at Kanpur, as far as weather is concerned. After burning heat of 47C, the arrival of monsoon has brought great relief to all of us over here.

It was almost midnight when first heavy rain came. It was pitch black sky and sky started being thunderous and as expected it started raining!!! First sight was really something. First rain brought air of relief, literally. I and Maddi decided to jump in. alas! it didn’t last long, rather we decided too late. Rain stopped. 😦 Next day scene was really cool. All trees and plants had become lush green after getting washed in the rain. Temperature had come down to around 35C and whole environment became “user-friendly” so to say 🙂

We didn’t have to wait long for next rain. My dear bro was here and we were enjoying the time and rain started again. We made no mistake this time, me and maddi set out on wandering on our bikes. I don’t remember having enjoyed this much in monsoon in my last two years’ stay at IITK. Just imagine, how great Aloo Paratha would taste after this when you rush to mess and you’re all wet. I still feel it in my mouth.

Next time, it was even bigger. Accompanied by wind, this time Indra Dev had decided to go full-fledge. It was more than half-an-hour that me, Niral and Maddi kept dancing, singing, going crazy… This time it was Maggi that accompanied us in this pleasure. Only a man without heart can deny that this wasn’t scene to cherish!!! This was best monsoon I had at IITK.

Reports are coming in that many parts of Gujarat are in flood, especially Vadodara. Divya Bhaskar says 95% of city is affected by flood. Hopefully, rain will slow down in coming days and Gujarat will return to its normal state again. That’s all we can pray.. Amen!


7 Responses to “Rain, Rain, Come Again…”

  1. Sujata said

    Yeah…it feels so good to enjoy rain. Feels like a bliss. But ofc not when it floods. Haven’t been able to contact my mom in Baroda. 🙂

  2. Bhumi Shah said

    Wow! looks like alas there’s relief from heat…first rains in summers are always welcome..reading your blog reminded me of the fun times i had with frnds eating makai bhootas and dal wada in pouring waters in a’bad 🙂

  3. yahan bhi bhej do thodi, sirf dhuup hi dhuup hai yahan :D–>

  4. Cat said


  5. best

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