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DUS : Funniest thriller of the year…

Posted by nishitdesai on July 11, 2005

Well, these days movies seems to rule my blog, but watched many movies in last some days. And this unexhaustive list contains some very good movies like Raincoat, Sarkar, Hitchcock's Notorious, Guns off Navarone, Al Pacino's Scent of a woman, but here I am going to talk about something for people like me who think that standard of bollywood movies is improving and someday we'll be at par with hollywood.

… few Priyadarshan movies are yet to be released in this year, but I bet you won't find any of them funnier than this creation of Anubhav Sinha. We were laughing like anything when we came out of hall after watching "Thriller" DUS.

so here is a plot. wait a minute… was there anything like plot? probably there was. Few brave men from ATC(Anti Terrorist Cell, cool isn't it?)decide to save a big jeopardy which they even don't know about except that it was going to happen on 10th May, but these are brave soldiers. Now IMDb tells me that Naa Tum Jaano Naa Hum and Ab Ke Baras were released on 10th May, but probably more dangerous disaster exist in world, so they are searching for it. After some furious action and some "relay bombing" (as Suniel Shetty can't directly throw grenade, he would pass on that to Zayed and eventually Zayed on flying bike would throw that into car and before grenade could explode lo! Zayed is standing beside Jr. AB and Shetty inorder to give that high-profile action movie look). Well they have found some clues and caught a man who helps them in searching the villian Jamaal or Jambal or Jamval or something like that… and when finally so called Jamaal is killed Sanjay Dutt tells them that man who pointed them to Jamaal he himself was Jamaal. Shut up you all morons if you said that this is copied from 'Usual Suspects'. Our intelligent ATC chief Dutt Jr. finds out that disaster is going to happen at stadium. Now at the climax, they found out where bomb is and AB Jr. is on plane with disastrous C-4. Only way he could save Canada is that he jumps along with plane and his love Esha Deol, wait but somebody said she was traitor, but she has to die anyway. and then starts eternal dilemma. Whether Abhishek should die and save people or He should leave Canada to God. Everbody forces him to leave the plane, but he is "true soldier" and saves Canada. May his soul rest in peace.

I strongly recommend that everyone should see last 15 minutes of this movie (if you manage to survive till that point). No matter what will happen to that bomb, but Zayed tries to convince Abhishek that not only himself but both should take care of Dia Mirza. Sanjay Dutt is into tears and doesn't care to stop Jamaal who is not running away, but waiting for elevator to come. Sunil Shetty is shouting.. "fenk do bam, mar jaane do logon ko.. kud jaao Shashank…" Director will teach you geography which you've never learnt. He'll enlighten you that AIIMS flyover is situated near some sea or something. I bet you didn't know that.

Well, there are few saving graces for movie. 'Dus Bahane' and 'Deedar de' are treat to hear. Pankaj Kapoor proves that he is definitely one of the frontline actors and AB Jr. proves himself again after Sarkar. and yes, how can I forget Shilpa Shetty and her stunts (a la Trinity) and one must not forget the guy, whosoever it is,who made the trailer(download) and posters (see the one in my blog, doesn't make you believe that this one is definitely going to be different) and made people believe that this is movie worth watching, so go and watch in theatres. arre bhaiyo, suno, agar movie dekho to upper/stall mein dekhana aur mazaa aayega…


5 Responses to “DUS : Funniest thriller of the year…”

  1. Bhumi Shah said

    m dying to see sarkar..AB Jr. is great, my roomie is already flattened by his performance.. :)Looks like DUS too is a good one!!

    Ur blog looks like a movie critic column :p !! btw, why writing the plots here..let us also enjoy the movie 😉

  2. Sujata said

    Yeah..heard a lot about Sarkar…and its resemblance with God Father or Bal Thackery’s life..or something like that. AB’s baby is sure shinning these days…The only reason I wanna see DUS is AB and the two awesome songs. 😀

  3. bollywood movies…kahan mera muh khulva raha hai :P… tune itni tarrif likh di unki…mere hisaab se to they are not even worth blogging 😛

  4. pratsbits said

    Sorry I forgot to mention my name. No, you don’t know me. I am Pratik – happened to see Parineeta yesternight, fell in love with it, got to know that Black got the ‘Best Film’ screen award (& hated it cos’ inspite of being a classy film it was a total ‘uthaao’ from Miracle Worker. My point of view – plagiarizations shouldn’t be considered for ‘Best Categories’), searched for Parineeta on the blog (just for the sake), found your blog on it & quite agreed with your take on the music. Relieved that there are sane minds in the world, took a sigh, and dropped you a comment!!

    Yep read your comment on Dus. Agree with the tag line – “Funniest Thriller of the Year”. Amazing those folks are!

    Cool man! Let me know if you’re interested at infica – would fwd your profile to them…

    Have fun! Will keep an eye on your profile henceforth – good writing!

  5. Pratik said

    Cool. I’ll fwd your profile. They normally have a ‘selective’ process… guess they’ll contact you after looking at your profile.

    Btw is there anyway to reply to your inbox directly… for e.g. when you leave a post on my blog, I do not know whether to leave a reply somewhere in your blog (so that you’re notified by email) OR to continue my reply in the same (my) blog.

    Can you share your email Nishit so that I can fwd the same to infica.


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