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Thesis submitted \:D/

Posted by nishitdesai on July 20, 2005

Whew…!!! long awaited moment finally came. I submitted my thesis today and will be defending on July 23, 2005, Saturday. πŸ˜€

Feels like a relief. Although I am yet to make presentation and prepare for defence etc, but certainly it’s a welcome change. Well, today I thought of something while I was all day busy for finalizing the thesis after changes, getting it printed, getting it photocopied, submitting to DOAA, then giving copies to my guide and the examiners. When I went to DOAA office for submitting my contingency form, the guy over there said, “aap computer waale kitne bhi software bana len, abhi bhi paper work to hai hi… aur aage 10 saalon tak rahega.” He made me thinking while I was going here and there to get my work done. He was very right. In the age of computers and automation, atleast as far as India is concerned, it takes lots of paper work. e.g. we get to do NO-DUES in order to obtain provisional degree certificate and would you believe it takes 18 signatures from all the places over IITK and that includes NCC, Central workshop, Glass blowing factory, Students’ Gymkhana cultural office, the places where I’ve not been a single time in my stay of two years, and still need to get NO-DUES done from there. As sepultura says “Paper work… bloody paper work!!” and ironically all-of-these, all of the efforts of two years for a single paper, albeit laminated :), the degree certificate. Anyways, on the positive side, automation scenario is changing fast at IITK. Registeration and related stuff in every semester has been automated since quite a long time and I heard that this tiring no-dues procedure is also under automation. Well, hope it hits the road soon and next year people won’t have to roam around whole IITK in order to get it done!!

Diverged to somewhere else from where I started..:P. Anyways, we had real cool trip today, when we (me, Sheetesh, Rawat and Ritesh) went to a canal nearby. Story will soon be blogged with photographs πŸ™‚ , but right now get to go to sleep and start making slides from tomm. Adieu.


5 Responses to “Thesis submitted \:D/”

  1. Hemal Modi said

    I just felt the need to mention that this was the only way the authorities could make you go to all those wonderful places in the campus, that you missed in your two year stay πŸ™‚
    I bet you will miss the campus and the fun life once you are out of there !!

  2. Finally…. hogaya graduate chorre πŸ˜›

    mubarak ho :d

  3. Bhumi Shah said

    Hey congratulations !!! and good luck for your defense πŸ™‚ me graduating too in august :d !!

  4. Sujata said

    Hey…All the very best and Congratulations !!

  5. anshu said

    great going nishit!

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