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Pune says welcome Nishit…

Posted by nishitdesai on August 3, 2005

Away from blog for a long time, and back to blog now…well, almost…

Landed here in Pune, two days back. It was wonderful scene from window of my plane and made me feel that stay here is gonna be wonderful and added to it just started raining making the atmosphere cool… reached the office and whole day went in formality stuff. Filled up some forms and became employee of Veritas now Symantec and reached to friend’s house. Well, this was just starting. “Real” life began then. It was raining through out the day and the rain continued, when we reach the flat basement was already in the water and water level was rising and lo! no electricity (which is not restored even after 3 days, may be because of water in the basement, it has been switched off intensionally and hope to get it restored when I go back home in the evening). Water was upto knee-level. Next day I was supposed to report to my office in IT Park – A, which is just walking distance and building ‘A’ is closed and we have holiday \:D/, albeit we enjoyed wonderful breafast in other office at IT Park -B πŸ™‚ As reviews have come, best thing about Veritas is its FOOD πŸ˜€ and I agree after having a lunch and a breakfast. so, me and Gopal went around for some shopping and after roaming around when we reached home road was blocked due to water!!!! and we had to take another route to reach home and after seeing water level there, we were sure that we won’t be able to come out until the water drys out, but had to take the plunge and this time water was waist high. Worries didn’t end there. Took bread-butter and bananas for dinner and not to add the darkness.

Well, God has already warned us now. My dear son, your days are different now. Gone are the days when you had no power-cut, 24 hour water supply and nice drainage system. you are in REAL world now. Accepted my lord. We enjoyed all the “candle-light talks” and “daily bread”. No complaints my lord.

Today began on good note. When my eyes opened at 0600 hrs in the morning and opened the windows. All the water was gone and for the first time after arriving here I saw the actual terrain around the building. Went for a morning walk and finally saw sunlight in 3 days. Phew… and back to office now, hopefully today I’ll get my cabin and will get all the things done. Till then good bye. Well, lot more things to come on my blog from my one week mini vacation, but till then Adios…


8 Responses to “Pune says welcome Nishit…

  1. Nandish said

    hi nish, so reached pune..:) god is so happy that divine soul has put his foots on the soil of Maharastra…he poured the whole state…:) just kidding…:) where r u staying currently? which area? anyway send ur contact details on:tcs.nandish@nwmobile.com. best luck….:)

  2. Ashlee said

    I just think that you have interesting stuffs. im reading them while im eating my favorite salad..why did i say that?lol..anyways,looking forward to reading more of ’em. Share your thoughts too!

  3. In any sense, happy blogging.

  4. Hi sexy,

    Welcome to the corporate world, and yeah it sucks. Btw, I have also written the blog on power-cut πŸ˜€ .

    Let me know ur cell no ASAP. Maddy was asking for the same. He wanted to get ur view on Syn vs Veveo. Finally joining Syn.

    One more thing, Though I don’t comment on ur blogs everytime, I read all ur posts. keep writing…


  5. Alya aa firangio kon che tara blog par comment karva wala???

  6. Congrats on landing in pune :). So Veritas finally has you. Great to know that.

    So when are u setting an ftp server there for movies πŸ˜›

  7. Bhumi Shah said

    Congrats nishit, pune is quite peaceful and beautiful.. πŸ™‚ FOOD is good too, wht else one wants πŸ˜‰

    hmm..guess someone wants another fishy-time-pass server for movies :)):P

  8. Danica said

    I was browsing thru the blogs and caught yours, its pretty cool huh?…holla back anytime..–>

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