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The Thesis

Posted by nishitdesai on October 20, 2005

Today was getting bored,and was surfing and saw the link of PhD comics on Puneet's blog. Had heard of it but didn't read it much, so thought of giving a shot and started reading from the start and man.. it rocks!!! well, I am not a PhD but atleast was a masters' student and can relate very much to it. Here is just an example through movie. Which one did you ask? What else can it be apart from THE ONE.Go through it…


5 Responses to “The Thesis”

  1. Sujata said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. Sujata said

    PhD comics provides insights into daily grad student life ..ofcours presented as humor. 😀

  3. Hillarious!!!!

  4. Bhumi said

    Pulp Fiction..eh?! from DNA’s blog..

    thanks for providing the meaning too.. :p

    yeah..PhD comics gives a funny insight to grad life 🙂

  5. Ujjaval said

    AAha, was really funny. And the funniest thing was I didn’t realize that it was based on Matrix funda until I saw the third one. Hahaha.

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