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Hats-off Manju…

Posted by nishitdesai on November 22, 2005

There is no dearth of career opportunities in India if you want to make a career in corruption. And you are in big trouble if you are on the other side.

It was around two years back when I came to know about Satyendra Dubey, whose efforts to stop corruption cost him his life. When his second death anniversary is approaching, I hear a good news and a bad news. Good news is that end of 15-year Laloo-raj is very much in sight and much more bad news is that one more fighter has been sacrificed in his fight.

IOC official seals petrol pump, is killed

This time it’s an IIM-L alumni, Manju Nathan, an IOC official who stood up to the corruption and sealed a petrol pump and received same prize which Dubey got. I know you are making a sigh and feel pity for Manju and will forget by next week or next month, if not tomorrow, may be so would I. Is this what they deserve? Is this what they die for? This incidence took place two days ago and I didn’t came to know about it through any newsagency, but a blog. They were all busy in Covering NDA win and speculating whether Chennai-ODI will be wahsed-off or not. In few days, some online petition will start and lots of us will sign it and would demand independent inquiry. Is that all we would do? They deserve much more than that. It’s not only about filing petitions or give support to the person. It’s about living the principles they died for. I grieve his death, but more than that I am proud of his principles and his boldness to stand upto them. Please don’t start bashing politicians and start crying about corruptions everywhere and blah-blah. Better would be to strengthen belief in our own principles and live upto them no matter what. That, according to me, would be true obituary. Hats-off to you Manju. May his soul rest in peace.


5 Responses to “Hats-off Manju…”

  1. HPT said

    I am absolutely shocked to hear this incidence. Well, I feel very bad. May his soul rest in peace.

    I wonder that why this was not taken into notice by any media giants. INDIA TV (run by Rajat Sharma) can be helpful in this. I don’t have details of this news, Can you put a mail to them?

  2. Sujata said

    Such worthy-of-respect news always get lost under media’s coverage for hep happenings.

    A salute to Manju. 🙂

  3. “Better would be to strengthen belief in our own principles and live upto them no matter what. That, according to me, would be true obituary.”

    — very well said nishit 🙂

  4. Bhumi said

    Hats off to Manju.. and aptly said.

  5. colours said

    its well said.. it can only come into world if it starts from within u…

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