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Look who’s talking…

Posted by nishitdesai on January 17, 2006

Almost when I am about to leave the office I read this story and can undoubtedly classify as story of the month. McGrath calls for better behaviour. ROTFL. If ever I make an International Sledging – XI, more than half of the spots would be occupied by Aussies and McGrath would undoubtedly be the skipper and man calls for good behaviour. Bold step I'd say 😉

PS:- Brett Lee too joins the band


4 Responses to “Look who’s talking…”

  1. Me too ROTFL..
    It’s like ssax telling sb, “I think some profs need to change their teaching style so that the students understand” :p
    (I know that was bad)

  2. Nishit said


    Actually it was good, but more funnier if you had put RKG instead of SSAX 🙂

  3. rkg would rather speak about “what to teach” in a course!
    (This is from first-hand experience. I took Grid course under RKG.)

  4. kaafi cricket chaya hua hai seth blog pe–>

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