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Sivasamudram / Shivasamudram

Posted by nishitdesai on March 17, 2006

Due to some laziness I am missing out on putting up some pics of my recent outings, so before I miss again, I just put up the pics of Sivasamudram. Description later or may be never… In short, the place is awesome, especially in groups and don't miss it if you get a chance. And if you don't get a chance, create one.

First View

Our group

First fall

Second Fall

A few brave men… and women too

Me, Puneet, Rawat and Shetty made some efforts to go down and this venue of so-called Dam. Rest of us prefered to stay in the cab. And boy, they definitely missed this opportunity. It was a perfect view ( a la Rang De Basanti – above two pics). Sitting on the cliff of looking down, wow!! that's awesome. 180 degree steep. We were out for a casual trekking and didn't take the camera, so didn't manage to have closeups of this breathtaking visuals.

While returning, although tired we were in great mood, with a biig hoopla, with all 'Dil' songs and some wonderla-remix 🙂 Detailed ( and better) description of tour by Anshu is here.

PS:- Pallavi mentions that the place is called Shivana Samudram. Wikipedia says both are same. Now I am really confused. Please someone clearify my doubts.


8 Responses to “Sivasamudram / Shivasamudram”

  1. Bhumi said

    nice place..and with bunch of friends..its sure FUN!! no solos this time..eh!!?

  2. I am feeling jealous!!

  3. pulkit grover, after some contemplation, said

    now I have a way to keep an eye on you.

  4. Pallavi said

    nishitji, ye shivana samudram hain..not shivasamudram.. 🙂

  5. Pallavi said

    shiva samudram is a little bit far from shiva samudram on the same way..and those pics that raul banerjee sent once are shiva samudram pictures ..not shivana samudram..this is what I knew from my friend who went there.

  6. Sujata said

    Awesome dude!!

  7. i guess bhumi said it but i wanna say again..”no solos this time” 😛

  8. Neha said

    Saaari pics missing!!! 😦

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