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Freedom to be…

Posted by nishitdesai on July 21, 2006

First breath in free air

India got its freedom back again on July 21st, 2006 where bloggers can now view their blogs again. Got a little carried away there eh?

Read full story here.


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Posted by nishitdesai on July 18, 2006

Sometimes you remember someone so much that you can’t get her out of your mind ? She may not be love of your life or your bestest friend, but feels so special for some moments that her memories can’t be overcome by thoughts of *anyone*. You don’t exactly miss her, but for those special moments she is very close to you. I enjoy those moments.

How you really wish that you could call her up and say I remembered you sooo much, but that isn’t always appropriate, now is it? Has that happened to you? For me, it indeed has. I would rather keep it to me only and cherish it for a long time to come. So here it is to the beautiful person I’ve known, befriended and loved…

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Champion v/s Champion

Posted by nishitdesai on July 10, 2006

It was indeed clash of the titans.

Roger ‘cannibal’ Federer ate up Bjorkman in Wimbledon Seminfinals..Scoreline read. 6-2 6-0 6-2. and that’s not a first round score, it was semifinal. Commentators comment “Nadal and Baghdatis (other semifinalists) better not watch this match, it might scare them” . Very true..!!! Seed 3 Andy Roddick has declared “Federer is almost unbeatable on grass court”. Nobody has answer for Federer’s baseline shots and backhand pass shots. He was broken only twice this year at wimbledon and has not dropped a single set and is on route to his fourth consecutive wimbledon crown.

Rafael ‘clayking’ Nadal beat Marcos Baghdatis and beat him hard. defeated in straight sets. 6-1, 7-5,6-3. Nadal sets up dream final with Federer and I tell you what, it’s not going to be easy. The way Nadal was playing Federer must be wishing that he would face Baghdatis in Final but it’s his nemesis face to face again..Nadal sprint across first set. In second and third set Baghdatis gave fight with some wonderful drop shots but ultimate had to lose to Nadal’s power game and well-executed volleys.

Now it’s show down. On one side, Roger Federer, Grass court’s undisputed king. On the other side, Rafael Nadal, who is invincible or clay court, but considered very vulnurable on Grass Court. To everyone’s surprise, he reached final of Wimbledon and it was only his fifth encounter on grass court. Only fifth encounter and Wimbledon final??!! Great feat. Ever Since Federer era began in 2004, Nadal is his only nemesis. Nadal had defeated Federer in their last 5 encounters, including 4 this year and overall record stands 6-1. Battle was all set.

First set looked like yet another triumph of Federer. Federer won 6-0!! Nadal is the man who doesn’t give in so easily. He fought back and broke Roger Federer’s first serve in first game of second set. Federer broke back and ultimately won the set in tiebreaker, but it was never so easy. Third set, it got even harder and Nadal forced Federer to drop his first set in Wimbledon 2006. but Federer, the man that he is, Broke Nadal twice and ultimately won his fourth consecutive Wimbledon Crown with 6-0 7-6 6-7 6-3 and proved that he is still best in the business. But emergence of Nadal has proved that if Federer wants a place in All-time great, it won’t be an easy journey with this hurdle always on his way and who knows like Pete Sampras Roland Garros might always allude Federer the emperor. See you at US OPEN 🙂

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Don’t ask a blogger about….

Posted by nishitdesai on July 7, 2006

Don’t ask a man’s salary and a woman’s age they say. What not to ask while talking to a blogger?

Source :- Pears Before Swine

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How Brazil Lost

Posted by nishitdesai on July 7, 2006

Need I say anything more? You decide if they deserved to win this one?

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