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I officially…

Posted by nishitdesai on October 26, 2006

…hate Indian cricket team. Stupid Dwayne Bravo has only one weapon, SLOW DELIVERY and Indian batsmen fall into the trap all the time. Today Smith trapped Yuvraj by same easy but slow delivery. Dravid is too confident about fielding of his own side and opponents that he is sure that when you are aiming with only one stump, you can NEVER hit it. Never mind. Pay the price and put your team into grave trouble, when it seemed that you are cruising along fine. No wonder Guru Greg (term developed by Indian Media) hit on them about their body language. How I really wish I could quit cricket someday like Formula-1


2 Responses to “I officially…”

  1. Sujata said

    I have started to hate’em now. They have developed a habit of disappointing the ardent fans now..and million of crazy such fans.

  2. Neha said

    I can identify with your sentiment… 😦 There are umpteen number of times when they disappoint me as well.. but let us give them a break! They are afterall humans!! 🙂

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