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Dhoom 2 : disappoint kiya re!!

Posted by nishitdesai on November 29, 2006

Hindi movies suffer from this problem. They try so hard to be, what’s the word, yes cool. Pretty ironical, but that’s the fact. Dhoom 2 is one of them too! Everyone tries to be Oh! Look at me, I am so cool !!!.

Ok, so there is a thief, popularly known as Mr. A (Hrithik Roshan), Notorious for stealing precious antiques. While his predecessor (John Abraham), had knack for creating a pattern on Bombay Express Highway, Mr. A has mathematical ambition of stamping his name on the world (literally). After demonstrating his sandsurfing, disguising and but ofcourse dancing skills, it seems all is going well for Mr. A. On the other hand, Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) is still accomplishing missions with all Suzukis, Ducatis, Waterscooters and his punter-cum-sub-inspector Ali (Uday Chopra) for Mumbai police. Enter his ex-classmate, who had (has) crush on him, sharp-shooter, ACP Shonali Bose. Ah! Shonali does make a wonderful dancing partner than Rimi Sen. Anyway, so now that Mr. A has completed his mission of imprinting his name on the world, is looking for more trouble and enters like desi Angelina Jolie, Sunehari (Aishwarya Rai), who is vying to become accomplice of her long time idol Mr. A. With that begins the tale of betrayal, revenge and theft in new destination of bollywood, Brazil. And in the end lo! Hrithik Roshan is not actually Hrithik Roshan, but John Abraham wearing a mask. Now that is one thing that, thankfully, doesn’t happen.

As far back as I can remember, Greatbong always claimed that Sanjay Gupta had biggest collection of hollywood DVDS, but as it turns out, his namesis [sic] , Sanjay Gadhavi isn’t far behind either. With bikes and babes, he manages to pay tribute to many hollywood bike-chick flicks. As for the cast, Hrithik Roshan is definitely cooler of the lot, but every now-and-then you have feeling that he still has big time hangover from Krrish, except designer clothes have replaced village attire now. However hard he might try, doesn’t pull-off coolness of Rusty Ryan. Abhishek Bachchan manages to stay not to go overboard and is still no-nonsense cop at best. It’s becoming harder these days for me to defend my choices. After SRK, it’s time for Aishwarya Rai. All-is-well when she removes her disguise and gives Lara Croft-esque pose, but my question is this. WHY DOES SHE UTTER A WORD AT ALL ? I am feeling so hot in here, aren’t you? … Are you like checking me out??. Ms. Rai, as for look and feel, you look charming despite of your age, but you are not Angelina Jolie. Take that. No offence Ms-Rai-soon-to-be-Mrs-Bachchan, but you have definitely given enough reasons for AB fans to crib about you. Bipasha Basu is adequate until Shonali Bose turns to Monali Bose. As for Uday Chopra, lesser said the better. Now that his screen presence is reduced as compared to Dhoom, you don’t mind him too much. Biggest villian of the movie is soundtrack. You don’t remember a single song (may be except Krazy kiya re…) when you walk out of a theatre and it annoyingly keeps reminding you that you are watching sequel with constant Dhoom again… in background.

It has enough moments for fans and masses to cheer about no doubt. You can’t help but to smile when, AB says, Let’s do the way my dad used to, just before tossing the coin. You have seen Manhattan buildings and European locales, but you never saw Brazilian beaches, did you? Here is your chance then.

Not that I had many expectations with Dhoom 2 in first place, but people and reviewers going ga-ga about it had raised the bar atleast a little. My Verdict : Go watch it if you liked Dhoom. You might be disappointed, but you won’t be bored for sure. Now that movie has released, what I will be eagerly waiting for is Ghoom 2.


4 Responses to “Dhoom 2 : disappoint kiya re!!”

  1. Eliza said

    Well if you can savor the half-baked script of Don, then I think you should appreciate Dhoom-2 as well πŸ˜› Yes, it is not one of those movies on which you can bet your arm upon for an oscar, but then that wasnt expected either. The winner of the movie is definitely Hrithik Roshan. With his drop dead gorgeous looks and a well toned body (its a welcome relief after his bloated muscles in Krish) and flexi-dancing skills and crazy antics he completely overshadows every Aish, Bips and Bachhan! The Shonali turning Monali angle was definitely a discrepancy and a fallacious ploy on the part of the producer to encash Bipasha, but yeah she did deliver what was expected of her! Aish surely comes out as a big loser. Her acting disappoints, her dialogue delivery is as flat as her stomach and her tanned look is only a turn off! And for aby baby I must he tried his best he was the same uber cool as he was in Dhoom-1 but when Hrithik comes in the same frame he looks like sadi moongphalli! Yes I enjoyed the movie and did go gaga over Hrithik πŸ˜€ Bala wrote in my blog about growing old that you no longer enjoy Hrithik movies. But I bet this one I did!

  2. JV said

    For me , insane kiya re. This movie has no story et al. Simply made to encash the predecessor.

  3. Neha Kumar said

    Hahaha… the review was hillarious… Loved your style of writing… specially the Ash part… πŸ˜€ hahahah but i hate that Ms-rai-soon-to-be-ms-bachchan part ne dil challi kar diya… 😦 I still cant believe Abhishek wanted to get married to her :(:(:(… Anyways im sure he will come to his senses soon πŸ˜€

  4. lallopallo said

    On a friend’s insistence, I went to watch Dhoom 2 this weekend. I havent watched the original dhoom, so cant comment how good or bad the new one is. I think the format , script and character development and acting were very larger than life and often bordering on absurdity. But, since this movie is a big hit ( Iam told), Iam sure there are many who liked the movie and got entertained. So, I will leave to them to comment on it as I cant relate much to this type of storytelling.
    But one thing which I found really cool was special effects and technical brilliance. Quite a few sequences were very handsomely shot. Especially the scene in the museum where Hrithik becomes one of the sculptors. No doubt, bollywood movies have improved leaps and bounds in terms of technical finesse. This movie is a good example of that.
    One thing which came to my mind after seeing Hrithik perform is that this guy is talented and probably the only one to stake claim for next superstar after Khans ( Shahrukh/Aamir) , especially SRK, charisma wears off. But,one thing which might go against him is the fact that he seems too perfect. History has shown us that people take fancy for bit imperfect ones. Probably that’s the reason that Bachhan and SRK, both not conventionally good looking and slow starters, fired the imagination of common man more than a Dharmendra or Sunny deol. Well, again one of my theories..I will probably talk about it in more detail sometime soon.
    In the end, I found this really hilarious.
    “Aish surely comes out as a big loser. Her acting disappoints, her dialogue delivery is as flat as her stomach and her tanned look is only a turn off”
    I seem to agree with you on this.
    Take it easy.

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