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Secret behind Himesh Reshammiya

Posted by nishitdesai on August 4, 2007

This has got to be one of the funniest forwards in recent times, after the airtel advertisement ofcourse.

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This post is made totally with humorous intension and no harm is meant to any community, especially to any wolf community.


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beats me…

Posted by nishitdesai on December 17, 2006

Just when I thought I came up with really good PJ, Gaurav comes up with this one. BEATS ME!!!

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a PJ

Posted by nishitdesai on October 31, 2006

Q. What is movie Janeman all about?

A. Tarzan.

As Gaurav once put it, sometimes I am happy I am not you. Johnny has all the copyrights for this PJ. For any kind of republishing, in full or parts, contact him.

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