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Bollywood plagiarism at its best(???)

Posted by nishitdesai on July 12, 2007

Bollywood has done it again. After blatant rip-offs from Hollywood masterpieces including Reservoir Dogs (Kaante), Usual Suspects (Chocolate), Old Boy (Zinda) and many many more, bollywood has struck again.

Read synopsis of new David Dhawan-Salman Khan-Govinda comedy. Does it remind you of anything? Straight lift from Will Smith, Eva Mendes starrer Hitch you might say, but David Dhawan won’t even use a word inspiration or remake and who knows might deliver another hit from the shoulders of a successful Hollywood comedy. God bless us!!!


6 Responses to “Bollywood plagiarism at its best(???)”

  1. videowatch said

    I gave up counting the rip-offs and the “inspired”s after I found out the inspiration behind “Rang De Basanti”…Sajid Khan’s directorial debut “Hey Baby” is based on “Broken Flowers”, a little known Bill Murray film..I can cite many more..But no point..So enjoy whatever is coming your way….

  2. Nikhil Mekala said

    Its a very stupid thing to say, “enjoy whatever comes your way”…please dont.
    our filmakers are completely devoid of creativity or talent and they gleefully rip off stories from hollywood and dump it on naive and unsuspecting crowd that most Indians make up.And guess what? make crores of money and self proclaim themselves as “filmmakers”…some mothafuckin filmmakers…they dont know shit about filmaking..And look at the mothafuckin name—“Bollywood”..hahaha..what a lame name and a self-indicator of how uncreative the whole industry is…shows right in the name itself.I have stopped watching bollywood trash long back..they are so Idiotic.

  3. Check this out :

  4. shon said

    I’am working on a project with the Columbia Tri Star, on Plagiarism in Bollywood, and I feel that our Film makers do lack in ceativity. Well if we look at almost all the latest bollywood movies , we can clearly see that its either a copied one or in many ways the movie ends up looking similar with a hollywood movie. What our producers need to do is to work on a script that is original in its respect with no likeness with other movies. Besides remaking Hollywood films what we see that nowadays we see alot of Hindi films being remade, that’s the height of of plagiarism I should say. And I don’t think this crime will ever come to a standstill because we as audience end up appreciating this kind of movies. But seriously they do need to think of a solution…. till then we are left with nothing but watch remade Hollywood films.!!

  5. Tizappacy said

    Truthful words, some truthful words dude. You rocked my day!

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