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So near yet… so far…

Posted by nishitdesai on July 22, 2007

The other day I was listening to the song Bairi Piya… from Devdas. Now I agree with Eliza when she says Devdas has very moving songs, strongly dependent on the mood you are in. Anyway, so while listening to the song I came across the line, Tu duur jo thaa to paas hi thaa, ab paas hai to duur hai kyun?? and chain of thoughts led me here…

Be it your love or your best friend, you want to keep him/her near to you and subconsciously focussed on you. Now holding someone near to you is not a bad thing, but expecting the same thing in return is dangerous. If the person is even away from you for a while for whatsoever reason, you start getting feeling that he/she is ignoring you and you can’t come up with a reason, mainly because THERE AREN’T ANY. Still it keeps haunting you that something is definitely wrong and charm/chemistry/bonding is not there any more. If you are “rational”, you start explaining YOURSELF. Things change, People Change… , One needs to move on… and what not. Not that these thoughts are wrong, but did you give a pause? Are you sure things have changed? Are you sure the person is changed? We tend to get feeling that we are being ignored, we are being sidelined, we are not same as we used to be in the other person’s eye and you have this decision that For greater good, we have to accept reality and move on. Did you ever put it in other person’s perspective? Do you even have faintest idea that your best friend needs your attention as much as you do? It might be situation that has turned the way he/she lives has changed his/her approach? You don’t gossip as much as you used to, you don’t laugh together as much as you used to, you don’t spend the long hours on phone you used to. Does that in any way make him/her love you any less? but as you would say people change…. In short, the point is, Being irrationally “rational” and “for greater good” is as much dangerous to a relationship as much “not letting go” is.

PS:- Phew, I have written what I wanted to, but I bet it sounds Hebrew to many readers. (MANY is a misleading term here, considering number of people who read my blog).


2 Responses to “So near yet… so far…”

  1. Nova said

    Lovely.. i kinda associated this with the talk we had the other day. I did not find it gibberish at all 🙂

  2. manan said

    Hi Nishit,

    the title of your post got my attention…. my first instinct was…”how can this be…”


    i posted an entry with similar title long time back…

    your piece was good reading

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